Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For Mom

I have really been missing Mom lately. I guess with her birthday coming up and Mom&Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary tomorrow, my emotions are close to the surface. I wrote a poem that says a little of how I'm feeling.

In my mind’s eye I see your smiling face
And hear your gentle words of comfort.
I wish I could just pick up the phone one last time
And hear you talk about what happened on the Amazing race
Or hear you tell me you just want to shoot the breeze
In my mind’s eye I see you walking through my front door
Bags in hand and the dog trailing at your heels
One last shared meal at the Golden Tree or one more taste of
Your porcupine meatballs, one glorious last taste.
In my mind’s eye I see you dressed in white, arms open wide
Ready to embrace me as we walk into the Temple together
I hear your sweet voice singing next to mine
I hear your amazing laugh as you hear about something funny Zac said
In my mind’s eye I see you sitting in my living room talking with Dad
Sharing stories about someone in the Park or whatever else is going on around you
I hear Mimi barking her hello and running around like a crazy dog when she sees you
I hear you say, one last time “This dog thinks I’m its mother.”
In my mind’s eye, you are still here with us planning our cruise to Alaska
To celebrate 50 years of marriage with Dad
We would be planning a party for your birthday
I would be able to hug you one last time and tell you again that I love you

Mom I miss you so much. Life feels a little empty without you here. I look forward to the day
When we are reunited and I can experience of the above again

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Committed

Last Sunday a speaker in my parents ward told a story that really stuck with me about a two men. I'm changing the story to suit my end and because I can't remember it word for word, onlyt the jist of it. One man asked the other man how he became so successful. The other man told him that if he really wanted to know he would show him. The 1st man agreed. The 2nd man took him to a trough of water and plunged his head in the water holding him there. After a few seconds he pulled his head out of the water. The 1st man gasped for breath but before he could say anything the man plunged his head in the water again holding him down even longer. After bringing him out of the water for the 2nd time the 1st man was able to gasp out, 'what are you doing? Trying to kill me?' before the 2nd man plunged his head in the water for the 3rd time. He kept him down there longer than the previous two times. Finally, pulling his head out of the water he let the 1st man catch his breath. Angry the man asked him why he did that to him. The 2nd man replied, "when you want to be successful as much as you wanted to breathe, you will accomplish your goals." This really hit me as profound. I am using this story as motivation and the 1st goal I am committing to is to lose 40 lbs by July. Normally this may seem like too much but I know I can do it. I will be reporting my progress to all of you. (if anyone is still reading this blog.) Wish me luck!!